Feed Me: 50 Home Cooked Meals For Your Dog

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This illustrated cookbook by Liviana Prola includes 50 easy-to-follow, nutritious and appetizing meals that will have your dog eating out of your hand! To dog owners, their pets are regarded as cherished members of the family, and they care about their health and well-being as they would that of a human. And, as with humans, animal illness is often traced to a poor diet, commonly caused by processed food made with preservatives. This book takes the mystery out of what you should feed your dog with simple recipes that follow healthy guidelines. This book includes easy guides for portion sizes for all breeds, perfect for multi-dog households; information on vitamin supplements that will keep dogs healthy and happy; and a varied selection of recipes to batch-cook and freeze - ideal for those with busy lives. Adorable illustrations of dogs run throughout the book.

Feed Me: 50 Home Cooked Meals For Your Dog by Liviana Prola. Published by Phaidon Press. Hardcover. 220 pages.

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