Kikuichi Warikomi Elite Knives

The Kikuichi history of fine craftsmanship dates back to 12th century Japan, when an ancestor in the city of Sakai became a swordsmith for the emperor, marking each sword with the monarch?s chrysanthemum symbol. As the Centuries passed and Japan modernized, Sakai re-directed its formidable sword-making skills to forging the finest kitchen cutlery. Today Kikuichi's proud tradition of metalwork continues with beautiful cutlery etched with the enduring chrysanthemum emblem.

Kikuichi Warikomi Elite Knives are hand crafted of a hard VG-5 steel core, clad with a supporting layer of stainless steel for 59 Rockwell hardness. The unique brown rosewood handle has a sleek design and is securely riveted to the full tang. The Warikomi Elite is an excellent and practical choice for those who want the handmade precision sharpness of artisan-crafted Japanese blades without the extra maintenance required by traditional carbon steel. These are extremely sharp blades that should not be used to cut frozen foods or bones. Kikuichi backs all of its blades with a lifetime guarantee against defects. Handwash only.
Kikuichi Warikomi Elite 6.5" Bunka Knife Sold out

Kikuichi Warikomi Elite 6.5" Bunka Knife

The Kikuichi Warikomi Elite 6.5" Bunka Knife is a multi purpose knife akin to the Santoku. "Bunka" translates to "culture". This blade size and sha...

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