Wusthof 10" Sharpening Steel

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The Wusthof 10" Sharpening Steel is an essential for keeping any straight-edge knife in top condition. Regular maintenance of your WÜSTHOF knives insures a lifetime of cooking pleasure. With regular use, any knife's edge will lose its "bite" (a knife's readiness to sink through a food on contact). Under high magnification, you would see that the cutting edge itself becomes pushed down to one side or another, and must be pushed back in line to regain good cutting performance. That's what a steel does.

The Wusthof 10" Sharpening Steel is a very good tool that should last a lifetime. The rod is slightly thicker than on many models and features fine, precisely machined grooves that run parallel for the length of the steel. They help push up the very edge of your blade upright, in just a few easy strokes. The Steel also has a magnetized tip that will catch the minute, powdery steel particles that can come loose from the edge. The wide, strong handle has a guard and hanging loop. Simply wipe with a damp cloth periodically and dry well.

Features of the Wusthof 10" Sharpening Steel include:
  • An essential for maintaining straight edge knives
  • Perfect for high carbon steel, carbon steel and most any designer metal alloy knife material
  • Magnetized tip
  • Extremely durable, when used as intended, it will last a lifetime
  • Comfortable handle with guard and hanging loop

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