Chroma Whetstone

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Chroma Whetstones are premium, man-made stones designed to safely sharpen fine culinary knives. Both have a two-grit design, featuring a 1000-grit stone on the first side, and a 3500-grit or 6500-grit finishing stone on the second side. 1000-grit is suitable for regular maintenance sharpening, while the finer 3500 grit will hone the edge to a fine sharpness. The ultra-fine 6500-grit option is used to polish edges to a razor-sharp finish. The Chroma whetstone is made for use as a water stone, and should never be used with oil. Each side is clearly marked and color-coded for convenience.

Features of the Chroma Whetstone include:
  • Premium man-made water stones
  • Two-sided design for regular sharpening and honing or polishing
  • Each side is color coded
  • Ideal for the safe sharpening of fine culinary knives and pocket knives
  • Made in Japan
  • 7.25" l x 2.5" w x 1.2" h

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