Kuhn Rikon Universal Curve Knife

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In Stock - Ships Same Day if you order by 2pm ET Monday - Friday
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Yes, a plastic knife! Kuhn Rikon's Universal Curve Knife is the right tool for more jobs than you may realize. Slicing cheeses, soft-skinned vegetables, heads of lettuce and fruit- no problem. Cutting and serving cakes and pies at the table- perfect. Cutting brownies, lasagna and grilled cheese right in the pan? Nothing is better! The Universal Curve Knife has a rigid plastic blade that can't harm nonstick surfaces or cut little helpers in the kitchen (so you can finally tell them to cut their own crusts off!). The innovative stepped-surface also keeps sticky foods from adhering to the blade, while a comfy curved handle design will feel right for hands of all sizes. A smarter knife for the whole family! Dishwasher safe.

Features of the Kuhn Rikon Universal Curve Knife include:
  • Lightweight, safe and very versatile
  • Smooth blade with stepped-surface reduces sticking
  • Safe for use on any surface and nonstick bakeware
  • A safe cutting tool for children to use
  • Curved handle design is comfortable for big and small hands
  • Dishwasher safe

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