The Air Fryer Bible

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Air Fryers are amazing. By circulating hot air, they cook up deep-fried classics like doughnuts and onion rings without the fat and oil, but keep all the flavor. And the Air Fryer Bible contains tons of tips, tricks, and techniques to get the most out of your appliance. Because Air Fryers don't just fry, they bake, grill, and roast, too. And, of course, this paperback includes plenty of recipes for you to try- from French Toast Sticks to Mozarella Sticks, to French Fries or String Bean Fries, to Chicken Tenders and Sunrise Quesadillas, to Caesar Steak Salad or Stuffed Zucchini, and tons of baked and air fried desserts. There are over 200 time saving, healthy recipes in this entertaining and instructional collection that's a must-have for air-fryer aficionados. Air Fryer Bible: More than 200 Healthier Recipes for Favorite Dishes and Special Treats By Susan LaBorde and Elizabeth Hickman. Published by Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. Paperback. 256 pages.

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