Marcato Otello Pasta Machine

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Marcato commemorates the origin of the modern pasta machine. The striking Otello Pasta Machine is a beautiful reinterpretation of Otello Marcato's original 1930 design, with premium modern materials and improved functionality. The Otello features chromed aluminum construction with a special treatment (Physical Vapor Deposition) that applies a thin metal film over chrome, which hardens the surface and embues the spectacular copper-bronze details. 150 mm rollers are made from anodized aluminum alloy that is fantastically hard and corrosion resistant,  and they're micro-textured to improve the sauce adhesion of the finished pasta. A really useful, stainless feed shute is included and it removes for easier cleaning The Otello employs a simple, vintage-looking pin mechanism to adjust through 7 thickness settings, from .8 through 4 mm. The machine is equipped to produce pasta sheets for Lasagne (or hand-cut and filled pastas), with dedicated cutters for Fettuccine and Tagliolini.
The base and crank handle are made from premium Elm hardwood, finished in a light natural oil that will age beautifully. The Marcato Otello Copper-Bronze Pasta Maker includes instructions with recipes and a table clamp.

Features of the Marcato Otello Pasta Machine include:

  • Limited edition Marcato pasta machine
  • Copper-Bronze color with real Elm hardwood base and crank handle
  • A modern reinterpretation of Otello Marcato's original 1930 design
  • Chromed aluminum construction with stainless feeder shute
  • Special PVD treatment adds corrosion resistance and a beautiful finish
  • Anodized aluminum alloy rollers won't "flake" or corrode
  • 150 mm wide rollers are micro-textured for improved pasta surface
  • 7-position adjustability
  • Equipped to produce Lasagne (pasta sheets), Fettuccine and Tagliolini
  • Polymer resin combs and removable resin scrapers ensure better cleaning
  • Hardwood base adds to the vintage appeal and ensures stability in use
  • Includes directions with recipes and table clamp

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