Pizza Camp

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This informative and hilarious book is written by the man who makes what Bon Appetit calls, "the best pizza in America." From a tiny pizzeria nestled in a block of rowhomes in the hipster haven that is Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood, Joe Beddia makes and sells 40 pies a day every Wednesday through Saturday. A pizza fanatic since childhood and trained by the best pizza makers around, Beddia has a Zen-like approach to making pizza. He keeps the menu simple and makes each and every pie the same precise way, over and over again, everyday. And people line up around the block and wait for hours for a chance to try his pizza. Some get there in time to sample a slice and claim that Beddia's pies are so incredible they have ruined pizza for them. Others arrive too late and find the pizzas are sold out so they vow to come earlier the next day just to get a taste. The shop is a two man operation- Beddia makes the dough from scratch and builds the pies, and John Walker runs the register and informs and calms the customers when the pizzas are gone. Because there's not enough dough or time in the world for Beddia to feed all the hungry pizza aficionados out there, he has kindly collected his classic recipes and included some new items that you can't find on the menu at his shop in this book, along with detailed instructions. All so you, dear pizza lover, can try to recreate his pizza mastery at home. Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizzeria Beddia By Joe Beddia. Published by Abrams Books. Hardcover. 224 pages.

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