Porsche Type 301 Hakata Santoku

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The Chroma Type 301 Hakata Santoku is an old blade design that's similar to the Japanese Kiritsuki, or "Master Chef's Knife", with a deep blade that breaks to a pointed and fine tip. The edge extends straight from the heel, until the last third, where it curves up to meet the tip. This very versatile design incorporates the straight-cutting, slicing and chopping abilities of the Santoku (rear of the blade), while still leaving the option for rocker-style chopping and mincing. The pointed tip is also far more adept at fine slicing, skinning, and light boning. Even the pronounced break in the curved spine could be used to crack small poultry joints and bones, though that aspect is probably less likely, considering the lighter weight of the Type 301's modern alloy blade. Regardless, the 7.25" Hakata Santoku is highly versatile design that will make a competant primary knife for the home cook. Hand washing and drying is recommended.

For a more complete look at Chroma's Type 301 Knives designed by F.A. Porsche, please stop by our Focus on Chroma Type 301 page.

Features of the Chroma Type 301 Hakata Santoku include:
  • Ergonomic 18/10 stainless steel handle by the FA Porsche design group
  • Japanese high-carbon 301 stainless alloy blade
  • Deep blade for straight chops and slices
  • Ultra-sharp, pointed tip for fine, delicate work
  • Unique feel with pleasant feedback
  • Innovative "pearl" demarcates the seamless transition from handle to blade
  • Super-sharp edges exhibit excellent bite and clean cutting performance
  • Long-lasting edge retention
  • Fine 17° bevel per side
  • Excellent non-corrosive properties
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty

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