Porsche Type 301 7.25" Santoku Hammered Finish

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The Chroma Type 301 7.25" Santoku with Hammered Finish is traditionally shaped to be one of the best vegetable knives you can own. The thin but deep blade runs straight as it chops and slices through foods, to help create the precise, even cuts that are a hallmark of Japanese cuisine. The fine edge has minimum curvature, making it excellent for straight chopping, slicing and mincing. Chroma has also ground the 7.25" Santoku quite thin as it approaces the tip, making it very adept at fine dices and other delicate work. The beautiful hammered finish creates many air pockets that reduce food's ability to adhere to the blade. For a more complete understanding of Chroma's Type 301 Knives designed by F.A. Porsche, please stop by our Focus on Chroma Type 301 page.

Features of the Chroma Type 301 7.25" Santoku Hammered Finish include:
  • Ergonomic 18/10 stainless steel handle by the FA Porsche design group
  • Traditional hammered finish adds beauty and helps prevent high-moisture foods from sticking to the blade
  • Japanese high carbon 301 stainless steel blade
  • Deep blade for precise, straight chops and slices
  • Unique feel with pleasant feedback
  • Innovative "pearl" demarcates the seamless transition from handle to blade
  • Super-sharp edges exhibit excellent bite and clean cutting performance
  • Long-lasting edge retention
  • Fine 17° bevel per side
  • Excellent non-corrosive properties
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty

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