Porsche Type 301 Knives

Chroma Type 301 is professional quality, high-carbon stainless steel cutlery with a uniquely shaped handle created by the F.A. Porsche design house. The Type 301's stark but beautiful design has a striking appearance that almost belies the performance-oriented nature of these premium culinary tools. But make no mistake, these knives are tremendously competent for the professional chef and home cooking enthusiast.

The handle of the CHROMA type 301 is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel and it seamlessly transitions into a blade made of a proprietary Japanese 301 stainless steel alloy. One of the type 301's unique characteristics is a steel "pearl" that provides some bearing for the user without getting in the way of many possible grips. The blade of each knife is carefully hand sharpened with a slight 17% bevel on each side. Type 301 knives cut cleanly and effortlessly, and offer excellent feedback for a controlled feel that is all their own. For an in-depth look, read our Focus On Chroma Type 301 page.

Chroma recommends the original Type 301 whetstone for sharpening, which is offered for separate purchase. And of course the cutlery should be washed and dried by hand and stored properly. Full care instructions are included with each Chroma type 301 product.

Porsche Type 301 Oyster Knife Sold out

Porsche Type 301 Oyster Knife

This Chroma Type 301 Oyster Knife is the ultimate fusion of form and function. Its sleek 18/10 stainless steel handle blends seamlessly into its Ja...

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