Finex Cast Iron 1 Quart Sauce Pot

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The FINEX Cast Iron 1 Quart Sauce Pot is a must for heating soups, sauces, marinades, dips and more. The thick cast iron base of this pot can evenly heat sweet sauces and marinades without caramelizing or scorching them, making it a handy accessory for barbecue and any type of grilling. The geometric, "multi-pour" design, helper handle and non-stick, pre-seasoned cook surface mean that your homemade sauce is easy to carry to the grill or table for mess-free pouring and you can use your favorite grilling utensils without scratching the pan. The Finex Cast Iron Sauce Pot is suitable for all cooktops, ovens, grills and broilers. All FINEX Cookware is backed by the manufacturer's "Forever" replacement warranty. Made in the USA.

Features of the Finex Cast Iron 1 Quart Sauce Pot include:
  • Hand-crafted cast iron cookware
  • Geometric "Multi-Pour" Design and Easy Release Polished Cook Surface
  • Stable, tip resistant pot is perfect for heating soups, side dishes and preparing sweet sauces
  • Vintage-inspired design and uncompromising build quality
  • Quick cooling, polished stainless steel spring handle increases comfort
  • Ribbed helper handle for two-handed portability
  • Permanently fixed, solid brass end cap with hanging hole
  • Polished cooking surface reduces sticking and is safe for use with any type of utensil
  • Thick-cast bottom holds and maintains heat better
  • Pre-Seasoned with Natural Flax Seed Oil
  • Suitable for all cooktops, ovens, grills and broilers
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Manufacturer's "Forever" replacement warranty
  • 12" l x 6" w x 4.25" h

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