Shun Sora 9" Bread Knife

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The Shun Sora 9" Bread Knife is designed with wider, low-frequency serrations that cut through everything from crusty, artisan breads to soft baked loaves without crumbling or squashing them. The blade's serrations lean forward on the front and backward on the back of the knife, so you get the same kind of cutting power in either direction. Which means the Shun Sora 9" Bread Knife is always comfortable to use and produces even, perfect bread slices every time. Hand crafted in Japan.

Features of the Shun Sora Bread Knife include:

  • Composite Blade technology- integrates a VG10 cutting edge with a Japanese 420J mirror-polished stainless steel upper
  • Japanese "san mai" construction; a traditional high-end knifemaking technique
  • VG10 is clad with a single layer of stainless steel on each side, ensuring a razor-sharp 16° double bevel edge
  • VG10 edges are hardened to 60-61° on the Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • The blade upper is mirror-polished 420j stainless steel
  • The san mai cutting edge is braze welded to 420j in a wavy pattern based on beautiful, traditional hamon blade lines
  • Lightweight, textured TPE handle ensures excellent grip, superior balance and easy maintenance

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