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Shun Engetsu 7" Chinese Cleaver

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Is the Shun Engetsu 7" Cleaver the ultimate vegetable cleaver? It just may be. Also known as a Chinese cleaver, the Limited Edition Engetsu Vegetable Cleaver is unlike any you have seen or used before. With its cascading, bright blade patterning and vibrant blue handle, the Engetsu could not be confused for anything else. You can also feel a remarkable difference with each cut. Feel the precision control at heel and tip and the extra-smooth slicing at blade center. This is the Engetsu Zone Performance Blade Technology. While this is similar to the 2-steel patterning that makes the Dual Core line so awesome, the steel patterning in Engetsu knives is specific to the different edge zones, providing different types of cutting precision in each of those blade zones. The heel/tip is super precise, but also tougher to stand up to increased board contact inherent to those areas, while the more densely patterned center is engineered for incredibly smooth and precise cutting.
The Limited Edition Shun Engetsu Cleaver is perfect for preparing vegetables, fruits, and a wide range of proteins—it is a favorite blade style of many professional chefs. Shun Engetsu Knives are forged with additional balancing at the hilt and the elegant "brushstroke" endcap. A very nice wood veneered presentation box with gold Shun logo is included. Handcrafted in Japan and backed by a manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty.

Features of the Shun Engetsu 7" Chinese Cleaver include:

  • Dual Core blade steel is made of 71 alternating layers of high chromium VG10 carbon steel and VG2 stainless steel
  • Razor-sharp, long-lasting 16° edge
  • Zone Performance Blade Technology puts different layer patterns at heel/tip and blade center to maximize performance
  • Unique patterning also helps food release
  • Sub-hilt adds weight and balance
  • Blue PakkaWood® handle is comfortable for both left- and right-handed users
  • Full composite tang for light weight and perfect balance
  • Beautiful Shun brushstroke endcap
  • Includes beautiful, painted wood veneer presetation box with elegant Shun logo
  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty