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Though the Bamix Mono wand mixer from Victorinox comes from a long line of fine quality hand-held mixers, this newest model is truly in a class of its own. Small in stature but mighty in features, this one versatile appliance is designed to fill the role of food processer, mixer, blender, beater, and grinder.

The Bamix Mono's single-unit construction offers matchless durability and helps it stand up to serious use in the kitchen. Its Swiss-engineered AC motor offers stronger initial torque than the competitors' machines, as well as dual speed capabilities up to 12,000 RPMs. In spite of its class-leading power, the Bamix Mono's AC motor uses lower wattage (140-160 W) than the competition and consumes less power. The Bamix Mono is also whisper-quiet even at its highest speeds, which makes for a pleasant user experience.

Another feature that really sets the Bamix Mono apart is its blade system, which includes three interchangable blades: a chopper/puréer/multi-purpose blade, a whisker blade, and a beater blade. This unique system provides a level of versatility that other immersion blenders can't keep up with. With the Bamix Mono, you can:

  • Crush ice
  • Create delicate mousses
  • Create mayonnaises, aiolis, pestos, or sauces
  • Mix your own organic baby food with organic fruits and vegetables
  • Purée both hot and cold soups right in the pot
  • Make whipped cream using non-fat milk
  • Create milk foam for coffee drinks

Bamix blades are also easily removed for cleaning, and the mixer itself can even be cleaned under the tap or in a bowl of warm water, which makes the Bamix Mono one of the most hygenic mixers on the market. The Bamix Mono works differently than other units on the market, too. It draws food in from the sides, blending it and pushing it downward. This method prevents a vacuum from forming and ensures longer motor life. Other mixers pull from the bottom, which creates suction that strains the motor and provides a less thorough mix.

The following items come included with your Bamix Mono 133 Mixer:

  • Recipe booklet
  • Wall-mount stand
  • BPA-free 600ml beaker

The Bamix Mono 133 White features a three-year motor warranty and a two-year parts.

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