Mike's Hot Honey 12 oz

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Marinades. Dips. Vinaigrettes. Cheese plates. Pizza? Yep, even pizza! Mike's Hot Honey might be the perfect condiment, but it's certainly surprisingly versatile. It captures an irresistible balance of hot and sweet flavor using a cool infusion technique that does not diminish the natural, rich and deep honey flavors. Mike's Hot Honey is made in Brooklyn, using raw wildflower honey sourced from local apiaries and GMO-free chili peppers. We highly recommend it for meat marinades, bbq and other sauces or simply drizzled on ice cream, crusty bread, cheese plate and yes, absolutely pizza (particularly with meat toppings). Try some today and you'll get it! 12 fluid oz. bottle.

Features of Mike's Hot Honey 12 oz include:
  • Chili pepper infused honey
  • Versatile as a condiment or recipe ingredient
  • Great for marinades, dips or cocktails
  • Made from raw, wildflower NY honey
  • Cool infusion process protects natural flavors
  • 12-oz bottle

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