Cleansui Water Filter Cartridge 2-Pack

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Have the Cleansui Microfiltration Water Filter cartridge 2-Pack on-hand so you're never without tasty, clean, safe drinking water. Cleansui filters feature advanced 3-stage filtration that can remove 99.99% of bacteria, micro-organisms, rust and other particulates as small as 0.2 micrometers. These filters are compatible with both the ACP407 and ACP405 Sansui Water Pitchers.

Features of the Cleansui Microfiltration Water Filter Cartridge 2-Pack include:
  • 2-pack of Advanced 3-stage microfiltration cartridges
  • Hollow Fiber Membranes capture particles and micro-organisms as small as 0.2 micrometers
  • Average 3 month filter life
  • 2" l x 2" w x 5.6" h

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