Republic of Tea Biodynamic Turmeric Cinnamon Tea

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A peppery, piquant spice blend, this Turmeric Cinnamon Tea is a potent anti-inflammatory and digestive. Sourced from a collective of certified Biodynamic® Sri Lankan farms that follow sustainable growing practices, this Republic of Tea Turmeric Cinnamon Tea is 100% organic, and caffeine, carb, gluten, and sugar free. These farms are also inspected yearly to ensure that they adhere to and uphold the Demeter Farm Standard. This rigorous standard must be achieved in order for a farm to receive Demeter Certification, then it and its products may be recognized as Biodynamic®. Air tight tin contains 36 natural, unbleached tea bags. Kosher.

Ingredients: 100% Biodynamic® organic cinnamon, 100% biodynamic organic turmeric

Features of the Republic of Tea Turmeric Cinnamon Tea include:
  • Origin/Estate: Sri Lanka
  • A spicy, earthy blend of cinnamon and turmeric
  • 36 natural, unbleached tea bags
  • Certified organic and certified gluten free
  • Demeter Certified, Rain Forest Alliance Certified and Kosher Certified
  • Carb, caffeine, and sugar free, and Non-GMO

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