Wusthof PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener

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Keep your Wusthof PEtec Knives in top form with the all new Wusthof PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener. Created by Chef's Choice for Wusthof, this electric sharpener makes it easy to maintain your Wusthof PEtec blades and features 3 sharpening stages to give you the sharpest edge possible. Stage 1 features 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen your dull knives and create a new edge. This stage is solely for knives that are very dull and need a new edge. Stage 2 hones your knives with finer grit diamonds to further refine the edge. It's also used for periodic resharpening of your maintained knives. Stage 3 polishes your knives and gives them a razor-sharp finish. Stage 3 can also be used alone to sharpen serrated blades. The Wusthof PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener is backed by a manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty. Made in the USA. 120 volt. 60 Hz.

Features of the Wusthof PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener include:
  • 3-stage electric knife sharpener for Wusthof PEtec knives
  • Sharpens, hones, and polishes straight and serrated edges
  • Stage 1 uses 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen and create new edges in dull knives
  • Stage 2 uses finer grit diamonds to refine the edge and hone
  • Stage 3 has an advanced stropping material to polish knife blades to a razor sharp edge
  • Precision angle guides ensure correct and controlled sharpening
  • Engineered and assembled in the USA
  • Manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty
  • 10" x 6" x 6" h

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