Wusthof has been making high quality kitchen knives in their factory in Solingen Germany since 1814. That experience has lead them to create some of the most durable and well-crafted knives on the market. Each piece of Wusthof cutlery is precision forged out of high carbon, no-stain steel for an extraordinarily sharp edge that lasts. [more]The Steel
Wusthof crafts their knives out of a specially blended stainless steel alloy that gives superior durability and performance to each knife. This blend contains carbon and vanadium for hardness and longer edge retention. By adding chromium and molybdenum, Wusthof makes their knives more stain-resistant and shinier in appearance.The Forging
A forged knife is created out of a single solid piece of steel that is shaped, sharpened, tempered and refined into a strong and durable piece of cutlery. During the forging process each Wusthof blade is tempered to 58 on the Rockwell Scale. The Rockwell Scale measures an objects hardness. For knives, the harder a knife the more precise you can make the edge and the longer that edge will last without resharpening. Since Wusthof knives have a Rockwell Hardness of 58 that means that the blade will retain its superior edge for a long time and will be easy to resharpen when the time comes. The last step in crafting the blade is polishing the flat surface of the knife to a fine finish. Wusthof knives are as beautiful as they are functional.The Sharpening
Wusthof blades are sharpened using Wusthof?s Precision Edge Technology (PEtec). Before sharpening, each blade gets measured by laser and the perfect sharpening angle is calculated. The knife is then precision sharpened by computer using a whetstone. Finally, the knife is polished using special discs that refine the edge and restore the shine of the blade. This process gives the edge an extremely high cutting performance and a superior cutting edge along the whole length of the blade.