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Here are some of the publications across the country where our company and products have been featured.
Something's Cooking at Kitchen Kapers: Get inspired to make something special at this "toy store" for cooks. "The kitchen need not be a scary place. In fact, it can be a virtual playground if one has the right toys to prepare anything from an appetizer to a feast. Kitchen Kapers is the proverbial 'toy store' for kitchen buffs, and a great source of information for those who aren?t too sure of themselves around the stove and broiler." Read more from The Princeton Packet.

Kitchen Kapers Celebrates 40 years. Kitchen Kapers, a 10-store kitchenware chain with stores in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Touchdown Field Chip 'n Dip: "Hand-painted earthenware chip and dip set is a go-to server for game day. The rectangular football field?shaped platter holds your chips, while the oval football platter bowl contains the dip. Hand painted and measures 13" x 10".

As featured in Tailgater Monthly Magazine.

All in the Family: Second generation leads Kitchen Kapers' 10 stores. "It was the start," says Bob of Kitchen Kapers, a 10-store kitchenware chain with two stores in New Jersey, one in Delaware and seven in Pennsylvania. In 1975, Bob's parents, Harold and Pearl, opened the first Kitchen Kapers in Voorhees, N.J. Harold died in 1997, but Pearl is still involved in the business. Today Kitchen Kapers is helmed by Harold and Pearl's three sons: Bob, Rick and Ron.
You can also check out this Photo Tour to see some of our featured products and displays.

Best of: Kitchen Kapers is the Winner of the 2014 Best of Main Line Media News Readers' Choice Awards for Best Kitchen Accessories. Congratulations!

Worth the squeeze?: "Masticating, triturating, centrifugal extraction, cold-press and pulp ejection: the lexicon of juicing abounds in blogs, on television and on book and magazine covers. But what does all this juice-speak mean, exactly? Does fresh juice consumption herald a lasting change in the American diet, or is juicing simply a fad that will fade?" Read more about juicing from this article found in Bucks County Courier Times and Burlington County Times.

12 Cup Silicone Muffin Pan: "'Why have a tool that only serves one purpose? Nothing makes a better egg than my muffin tins - many at a time and easy to clean.' - Jeff via Facebook.
From our kitchen: A silicon muffin pan is particularly versatile - no more sticking issues."

As featured in Allrecipes Magazine.

Gastrolux: "'At Kitchen Kapers, we are always seeking to bring our customers the best in innovative kitchenware. After nearly six months of careful product evaluation, we're excited to announce that we now carry Gastrolux Biotan Nonstick Cookware. The products are carefully crafted in Denmark and this cutting edge cookware features a durable nonstick surface that stands up to heavy use unlike any other nonstick on the market. Plus its thick 8mm thermophore base gives you a precise and even heat for a superior cooking experience,' said Bob Kratchman, president of Kitchen Kapers.

"'It's been a pleasure to work with Kitchen Kapers during their due diligence and we're pleased they have given our products their thumbs up. With their long history of success based on quality products, depth of product knowledge, and customer service - we know our unique cookware line is in very good hands and that this will become a very strong partnership for all of us,' said Gastrolux Cookware's Johan Jensen."

As featured on The Gourmet Retailer.

Evo Oil Sprayer: "K of P company solves an oily problem for cooks: Over the years, there have been many evolutions of nozzles - some that just spray, some that spray or stream, some that convert substances into foam. But one product has proved perplexing from a dispensing standpoint: food oil.

'Trigger sprayers really don't produce enough pressure to break up the oils and make a spray out of them,' (Marc) Zuckerman said.

His company has changed that.

In conjunction with the Netherlands company Afa Dispensing Group, another veteran in the trigger-sprayer business, Delta has developed what it says is the first trigger sprayer that can atomize oils. It's called EVO, a name Zuckerman explained this way: 'It's the middle of revolutionary.'

Olive, canola, peanut and vegetable oils, and most liquid butters, can be dispensed by the trigger sprayer. The oils are typically used to grease grills, skillets, and other kitchen utensils...

Delta turned to Michael Graves Design in Princeton for options. It settled on a clear, 18-ounce hemispherical plastic bottle with a red, ergonomically correct trigger and an adjustable nozzle that emits a fan-shaped spray in either a horizontal or vertical pattern. It comes with three reversible, colored bands to identify the types of liquid inside the bottle, and a screw-on funnel for easy refill....

Finalized last month, the retail version of EVO is expected on store shelves for the first time this week - in the 13 Kitchen Kapers stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and on

As featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bug Pops: "On hot and humid days, a Popsicle serves as the perfect portable cooling station. Parents lure their kids outside to play, saying, 'You?ll be cool enough with one of these,' with maybe a muttered aside, 'And out of my hair and away from the TV and computer for a while.' Keep in mind that if you make your own, you?ll control the ingredients, plus you and your kids can have fun playing with some of the colorful ice pop molds on the market. Check out the Bug Pops on Kitchen Kapers? website ( ? they have a store on Hulfish Street)..." As featured in The Princeton Packet.

Twin Pops: "These retro-style Twin Pops make two pops in each mold - not that you need to share." As featured in Food Network Magazine.

American cooking: A melting pot of foreign flavors: "If the American melting pot was an actual piece of cookware, it would be filled with Mexican tacos, Chinese eggrolls, Danish pastries, Japanese sushi and, of course, Italian pasta and pizza... Kitchen Kapers in Moorestown’s East Gate Square hosts Italian and Asian cooking classes for children and adults. ?The kids have a great time. Adults, they just love it. Couples can do it together,? said Kyle, store manager. Kyle said a new line of quesadilla makers to use on barbecue grills are popular. The store also sells a lot of pizza stones. They can be used in both regular ovens and on barbecue grills. The Big Green Egg, a high-heat grill, is perfect for making pizza, he said. ?It heats up so hot. You can heat it to 750 degrees and get a good crust,? he said.

Sales associate Sue said French-made LeCreuset porcelain-lined iron cookware is great for stews and roasts, since it keeps the meat moist during the cooking process and the food doesn?t get stuck to the pot as easily as with other cookware. She uses it to make sauerbraten, a German beef dish, as well as chicken breasts cooked Basque-style with ham. The store recently started carrying a line of German clayware casserole dishes that have glazed linings for easier cleanup.

Having a Hawaiian luau this summer? Kitchen Kapers offers coffee with coconut shavings. When the coffee is ground the shavings release their tropical flavor. During the Christmas holidays, the store sells snickerdoodle cookie recipes that originated with the Pennsylvania Dutch. Some customers also buy a pound of snickerdoodle-flavored coffee to serve with the cookies at holiday parties or to give as a gift with the cookies. The store is especially busy right before any holiday for which people like to cook, said Kitchen Kapers assistant manager Kim..." As featured on

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork : "Absurd kitchen gadgets: Take the effort out of getting spaghetti onto your fork with this battery-operated motorized, metal pronged fork, which winds your pasta so you don't have to." As featured at

Stiletto Spoon Rest: "Stylish Servings: Your closet may be color-coordinated, and your living room may be bright and cheery, but what about your kitchen counter? Add a touch of personality with...a chic Stiletto Spoon Rest and you have the recipe for fun, stylish space." As featured on Today. This item is no longer available.

Melamine dishes: Plastic and preferred: "At Kitchen Kapers in Ardmore, one trendy tabletop product occupies most of the front window display...It?s Le Cadeaux, and customers can?t get enough of it... Said Michael Yurkovich of Ardmore?s Kitchen Kapers, 'We can?t keep the trays in...' Le Cadeaux, many of its designs reminiscent of French Provincial pottery, with the near-thickness and feel of that stoneware, is made from ... plastic." Read more. As featured in The Inquirer.

The Greens: Sud Green Dish Brush - "Rockin' Scrubber: This goatee-wearing guy washes dishes with his red and white mohawk bristles." As featured in EveryDay with Rachael Ray, "Every Day Fun Faves Etc...".

Aerolatte with Stainless Steel Stand - "In a Lather: This steam-free stainless steel frother gets espresso, cappuccino, and milk shakes foamy in 20 seconds flat. What a great socking stuffer." As featured in the O, The Oprah Magazine.
*No longer available at

Deni Gravy Boat Warmer - Thanksgiving 2011: Kitchen gadgets to simplify the Turkey Day feast: "Every year, exciting new products are released just in time to help with Thanksgiving meal prep and serving...How about the $20 Deni electric gravy boat...from Kitchen Kapers? It keeps gravy (or syrup) warm with a small heating element embedded in its stand." As featured in the Star Ledger and on

Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan - Multiple Choice - "Cooking for picky eaters? Relax. The channels on this pan make customizing lasagna - no meat, extra veggies soy cheese - effortless. Each row is the exact size of a standard lasagna noodle, so no retrofitting is required." As featured in the The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Market Basket".

Also featured and available at are the Fred & Friends ChimpSticks. "Get a grip - Make heading back to school a little more fun for the smallest maki lovers in your life. These ChimpSticks make fumbling with unruly chopsticks so last year, and the tiny paws help secure even the most slippery sashimi."

Charcoal Companion PizzaQue Rectangular Baking Stone - "Because previous pizza/ grill attempts just burned the Domino's box, there's this stone; just pop it on a charcoal grill, throw the cover on top, and you'll end up with pies boasting a perfect crunch, unless you're one of those crazies who prefers Kit-Kats on their pizza. You can also cook breads and pastries on this thing, but you can't do it without ordering the stone at" As featured on (Note: This item is no longer available, click to see our current assortment of Pizza Grilling Items).

Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends Silicone Brush - "Silicone basting brushes solve so many problems - traditional brushes shed, melt and are troublesome to keep clean. Add a comfortably angled handle, and basting is easier than ever. Sadly, the ergonomic handle on this one likes to topple out of the sauce bowl, and is just not quite long enough for a hot grill. Great idea, imperfect design." As featured in the Chicago Tribune.

AnimalHouse Gadgets and The Greens Gadgets - Designs that marry function and whimsy: "The idea of a punk rock dish brush with a mohawk for bristles is preposterous enough. But then you find out this soldier for sanitary anarchy has a name, Sud Green, as well as a story.According to his 'bio,' this member of The Greens product line enjoys thinking about reducing the carbon footprint of his slam-dancing boots when he's not scrubbing pots and pans. Welcome to the mind of Christopher Raia." -- Read more about this Brandywine Hundred (Delaware) native in the Delaware News Journal.

Shun Ken Onion 8" Chef's Knife: "Knife designers worship Ken Onion. (Yes, that's his real name. Yes, he knows it's funny: 'Chive' and 'Scallion' are the names of some of his designs.) He breaks the mold again with this unconventional design for Shun, a favorite in our test kitchen for its exceptional ergonomics. The exaggerated curve of the edge makes for a smoother rocking motion when chopping." -- As featured on

Universal Fry Pan Lid: "Many skillets - including our favorite stainless fry pans from All-Clad - come without lids, and shelling out for matching covers to each individual pan ($33.95 to $49.95 each) seems wasteful. Wondering if an inexpensive universal lid would do just as well - most models sport grooved rings ranging from 8 to 12 inches in diameter and claim to fit a variety of standard-size pans - we boiled water and prepared French omelets, rice pilaf, and braised vegetables (all of which require a tight-fitting lid) in our favorite All-Clad 8-, 10-, and 12-inch skillets and 4-quart saucepan, covering each vessel with four different universal lids and its All-Clad counterpart. Unfortunately, none of the lids was a one-size-fits-all solution - their roughly 12-inch diameters loosely covered the 8-inch skillet and saucepan - though most fit snugly on larger skillets. Our favorite, the Progressive Stainless-Steel Universal Fry Pan Lid..., featured an adjustable vent that prevented steam pressure from building up, helping it stay put on both the 10- and 12-inch skillets. In fact, it even kept more liquid from evaporating than the All-Clad lids themselves - and at a fraction of the price." -- As featured in the "Equipment Corner" in Cook's Illustrated, January and February 2011.

Pizza Saver Bags: With Americans eating an estimate of over 30,000,000 slices of pizza a day, it's a wonder that, when it comes to storing the leftovers, we're still struggling with cardboard boxes too big for the fridge and ill-fitting aluminum foil. That's why Mama Fresco developed pizza saver bags. These triangular shaped bags are easy to open and close and perfect for protecting individual slices and keeping them fresh. As featured on Today.

The Greens: "How Green Was My Kitchen - If this recycled plastic and wood family of kitchen tools could adopt Ed Begley Jr., they'd be the most eco-friendly clan on Earth." As featured on "The O List" in O The Oprah Magazine.

Kitchen Kapers endures for another busy Christmas: With Christmas just days away, the packing room at Kitchen Kapers' Cherry Hill warehouse was loaded last week with wares workers wrapped for online holiday orders: Cuisinart hand mixers; oil decanters; ice cream scoops; All-Clad saucepans with lids.

In a nook a few feet away, a family of brothers and sons named Kratchman dug into cardboard boxes of newly arrived merchandise. Steeled against an icy draft with coats and jeans, they removed Shantoku knives, one by one, and priced them.

This housewares company has been through a lot of Christmases in 35 years, since it began as a single store opened by the father, now deceased, whom the Kratchman brothers recall fondly with tears. Read More.

Nielsen Massey Peppermint Extract: "Flavor helpers - Whether you're looking to perk up your coffee or enhance your next cake recipe, Nielsen Massey has pure extracts that are up to the task. Try one of their many flavors, such as almond, chocolate and peppermint." As featured in the Chicago Tribune.

CDN Combination Probe Thermometer, Timer & Clock: "Time and temperature - The USDA recommends using a food thermometer, so make sure yours is working now, before Thanksgiving. CDN is just out with a probe that combines the functions of a thermometer, timer, and clock. It registers up to 392 degrees (correction), so it can be used for roasts and other meats as well as candy-making or deep-frying. Works in the oven or on the barbecue. Battery operated - and the battery is included." As featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Market Basket".

5 Gifts for Top Chefs and Microwave Mavens - Kitchen Kapers's Gourmet Delights: You?ll find something for every diner on your list at Kitchen Kapers, a welcoming spot packed with all things culinary.
  • Babushkups Nesting Glasses: The minuscule kitchen your Brooklyn-dwelling BFF shares with two roommates doesn?t leave her much storage space. However, adorable cups won?t crowd the cupboards.
    *No longer available at
  • CDN Digital Tea Thermometer and Timer: Grandma?s stories told over intimate mugs of Earl Grey are priceless. The handy gadget ensures cups aren?t scalding or too tepid and easily controls the strength of each brew.
    *No longer available at
  • Baker?s Edge Brownie Pan: Mom never burns a cookie, and her pies deserve a prize. But it?s her legendary blondies (with the crunchy corner pieces) that always cause a scuffle. The pan?s clever mazelike dividers help create confections with more of that crispy texture the whole family loves.
  • Tortilla Press: If the endless stream of delivery boys has her neighbors wondering, surprise your takeout-happy cousin with the easy-to-use appliance. She?ll soon be turning out burritos and soft tacos faster than she can speed-dial the Mexican joint down the block.
  • SodaStream Penguin Starter Kit: Though she?s no longer head cheerleader, your bubbly sister?s personality still lifts everyone?s spirits. With the deluxe seltzer maker, she can mix drinks that are every bit as effervescent as she is. (This item is not currently available, the SodaStream Pure Black & Silver Starter Kit is a comparable unit.)
As featured on Daily Candy, Philadelphia Edition.

Babushkups Nesting Glasses: "Native to Russia, nesting dolls are now popping up everywhere. You can find them in designs for cute kids' clothes, charming decor, and in other unexpected places. These 'babushkas' are mophing form matronly to modern - and it only took them 100 years!" As featured in
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