Information about Microcore Heated Seat Cushions

Microcore: Safer than gel.

To heat your Microcore Heated Seat Cushion:
  1. Place Heated Seat Cushion element in a clean microwave oven. Make sure the element does not touch sides of the microwave. Fold element in half if necessary.
  2. Microwave on high as follows:
    • 500 - 700 watts - 7 minutes
    • 700 - 800 watts - 6 minutes
    • 800 - 1000 watts - 5 minutes
    *Since microwave ovens vary, your heat times may need to be a little more or less. Do not over heat more than 30 seconds past the recommended heating time. The Heated Seat Cushion is designed to allow heat to be slowly released.
  3. Carefully place element back inside the heated seat cushion cover.
Caution:Do not overheat! Excessive microwaving could cause skin burn, pack deterioration and leakage. Do not use element without seat cushion.The Heated Seat Cushion can also be chilled for cool comfort.

To cool your seat cushion:
  1. Place heated seat cushion element in the refrigerator overnight. Do not place in freezer.
  2. Place element back in seat cushion.
Washing instructions:
  • Remove the Heated Seat Cushion element from the cushion. Do not machine or hand wash seat cushion.
  • Spray cushion with a cleaner that does not contain bleach. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Do not wash Heat Seated Cushion element. If element gets dirty, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Health Warning:
    Diabetics as well as individuals with circulatory problems, nerve damage, paralysis or insensitive skin should not use this product. If you have concerns about any other physical condition, consult your physician before use.