Le Creuset & Screwpull Wine Accessories

In 1979, prompted by a challenge from his wife, Herbert Allen designed the very first Screwpull corkscrew, now known as the Table Model. The Screwpull Table Model was created on the simple premise that a cork could be removed from the bottle without force, injury or embarrassment, and it was an instant hit. Screwpull openers are designed to hold securely over the neck of a bottle and feature Teflon coated screws that easily pierce and glide through the cork so it can raise the cork as the worm is turned. The Lever Model and the Pocket Model soon followed and in the ensuing years, the name of Screwpull became synonymous with a variety of quality barware accessories, particularly corkscrews. Today, under the umbrella of Le Creuset, the Screwpull brand name is recognized world wide, with products being sold in nearly every industrialized nation. Many new products have been developed since the introduction of the Table Model, all following the tradition of simplicity, style and performance. Shop below to explore several lever and basic models that uncork bottles with ease and safety, and enhance your enjoyment of wine.