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Shun Blue Steel

Shun's Blue Steel Collection is for professionals and dedicated home cooks who prefer the incredibly keen edge, hardness and ease-of-sharpening that only a carbon steel knife can deliver. Each traditional, task-specific profile in the Blue Steel line begins with a premium blue carbon steel cutting core that runs the entire length of the blade, and extends down to form the cutting edge. Shun then improves on other carbon steel blades, by wrapping the blade upper in a layer of stainless steel before shaping, honing and polishing the blade to a mirror-finish, by hand. This "san-mai" construction improves durability and dramatically reduces the maintenance that simply comes with ownership of a carbon steel blade. Please note that the exposed carbon steel at the edge will develop a desirable "blue steel" patina with use, and simple care will be required to prevent rusting. But with just a little extra care, a Shun Blue Steel knife will be one of the most competent, and handsome knives you can own.
Octagonal handles follow the traditional theme in beautiful charcoal grey PakkaWood, crafted around a rabbet tang. The knives feel superbly balanced and nimble, and each comes with its own custom-fit saya (sheath) to protect the blades in storage. Shun Blue Steel Knives are handmade in Seki, Japan and are backed by the manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Hand wash only. All Shun knives include free lifetime sharpening from their US Headquarters in Tualatin, Oregon!

Features of the Shun Blue Steel Knives include:
  • Traditional carbon steel edges, with easier-to-maintain stainless steel "san mai" cladding
  • Blue carbon steel cutting core hardened to 61° on the Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Task-specific Japanese shapes developed for uncompromising performance
  • Rabbet tangs control weight and enhance maneuverability
  • Octagonal grey PakkaWood handles
  • Each knife comes with its own Japanese-style saya, or sheath
  • As with all carbon steel cutlery, some additional care is required to protect against rust
  • Handmade in Seki City, Japan
  • Hand wash only
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
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