Stove Tamer and Heat Diffuser

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The Stove Tamer is a simple 6" diameter non-ferrous metal disk that goes over your gas burner to effectively diffuse heat. Use it over low to medium heat with any pot or pan to virtually eliminate hot spots. It's also useful for creating a more stable cooking surface over open grates when cooking with small diameter sauce pans. The Stove Tamer is highly durable, simple to maintain and very easy to store.

Features of the Stove Tamer and Heat Diffuser include:
  • 6" disk heat diffuser for gas ranges
  • Made of durable, conductive non-ferrous metal alloy
  • Ideal for low to medium heat cooking
  • Eliminates hotspots and creates a stable base for smaller pans
  • Hanging hole for easy, out-of-the-way storage

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