Shun Combination Whetstone

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Shun's Combination Whetstone offers a coarse 300-grit side for quick reshaping of edges, and a 1000-grit side for honing and maintaining a smooth, sharp cutting edge. The Shun Combination Whetstone is a double-sided Japanese waterstone that is suitable for most straight-edged knives. The stone includes a fitted rubber tray that stabilizes the whetstone in use. Thorough soaking is required prior to first use. Directions are included. Measures approximately 8.75" l x 2.75" w x 1.75" h.

Features of the Shun Combination Whetstone include:
  • Double-sided 300/1000 grit whetstone for regular maintenance of straight-edge knives
  • Fine, Japanese waterstones are ideal for many carbon steel and high carbon steel knives
  • Rubber tray provides nonslip stability in use
  • Soak before using
  • Made in Japan

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