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Acrylic Plastic 15" x 20" All Purpose Board

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This 5-in-1 board has non-slip feet that work well on any surface. Please note that while the manufacturer cites dimensions of 15" x 20", our measurements of the actual product are somewhat smaller at 14.25" wide x 18.75" long

The curled edge lifts the board up when used as a drain board, keeping your counter clean and sanitary. The lip lifts the board up when using it as an over the sink board, allowing water to run into the sink when you wash and drain vegetables. It also acts as a thawing board; it will drain right into your sink and not the countertop.

The curved edge also acts as a lip for your countertop. Let it catch, and the feet will prevent your board from slipping when using it for cutting or as a dough board.

In all cases, the flared sides will keep water, flour, or other ingredients on the board, and not on the counter.

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