J.K. Adams Personalized 20" x 12" Grafton Cherry Server

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Dress up your meat and cheese platter with this Grafton Cherry Server from J.K. Adams. The beautiful board is made from solid American Cherry with a clear teak oil finish. Burnished edges add to the sophistication of this board, while the oval handle makes transportation easy. Board measures 20" x 12" x 1".


This J.K. Adams Board can be personalized. Choose either Letters/Text or Monogram. Examples of each are shown at the left.

If you choose Letters/Text, you can enter 1 or more letters up to three lines of text, each line consisting of up to 24 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation, etc.). Before submitting your order, please be sure to proof your text. We are not responsible for any incorrect spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.

If you choose Monogram, you can choose two or three letters, depending on the monogram you select. Monogram will be 4" high. *Please be sure to enter your Monogram letters as you wish them to appear. Three-letter monograms typically read with the first name initial on the left, the last name initial in a larger size in the middle and the middle name initial on the right. For example, if you're purchasing the board for John Quincy Adams, you would want the monogram to appear as JAQ. If you're purchasing the board for a couple such as John and Louisa Adams, then the monogram would read LAJ, as the lady's initial is typically on the left, the last name initial is in the center and the gentleman's is to the right.

You can also choose the placement of your Letters/Text or Monogram. For this board, Middle or Top Center is the recommended location, however, you may select any of the other locations as well.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Because each J.K. Adams item is engraved to order, orders cannot be cancelled or returned. If you have a question regarding your order, please contact us.

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