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Aerolatte Mooo: the new cow-print steam free milk frother.

Working directly in the mug or glass, the battery operated Aerolatte Mooo takes just 10 seconds to turn a small amount of milk into the perfect froth for cappuccino, milkshakes, hot chocolate etc.

The Aerolatte Mooo has an innovative stainless steel whisk head, which turns the whole of the milk into rich, thick foam. This is the next generation milk frother; no pumping, no winding, no propellers and definitely no steam! The motorised device comes complete with batteries and instructions all packaged in an attractively designed box.

The Aerolatte Mooo turns hot milk into steaming foam - you just add your preferred coffee for a perfect cappuccino. No need for expensive steam based machines.

Use for whipping eggs for scrambled eggs and omelets, too!

Cow Print Finish; includes travel case and two AA alkaline batteries.

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