Ateco Two-Sided Decorating Turntable

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This Decorating Turntable from Ateco is the all-in-one decorating station for sheet cakes, round cakes, and everything in between. Just flip the plastic turntable to use the surface you need. The non-slip inserts on each platform will keep the turntable steady when rotating so your pastries come out perfectly. And if you want, you can lock the platform and work section by section for more detailed dessert designs. The Ateco Two Side Decorating Turntable is made in China. Measures 12" x 16" d rectangle x 3" h.

Features of the Ateco Two Sided Decorating Turntable include:
  • Convenient two-sided cake decorating turntable made from ABS and TBR plastic
  • Rectangular platform for sheet cakes and circular platform for round cakes
  • Non-slip inserts on each platform keep the turntable steady
  • Platforms lock when rotation isn't needed
  • Made in China
  • 12" x 16" d rectangle x 3" h

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