SolidTeknics Aus-Ion™ Smooth Skillet Set

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In Stock - Ships Same Day if you order by 2pm ET Monday - Friday
In Stock - Ships Same Day if you order by 2pm ET Monday - Friday
Aus-Ion™ Smooth Skillets are from the ground-breaking line of super-premium cookware from SolidTeknics, a small Australian cookware company that is sucessfully bringing carbon steel back into the culinary spotlight.

Simply put, Aus-Ion™ skillets perform exceedingly well on any heat source and are built to endure generations of use. The handle and pan are a single, seamless piece, made without rivets that could eventualy weaken. The pans are shaped from a single sheet of low carbon steel using a patented ball-peen molding process; a totally new and innovative way of shaping heavy guage steel.

The cooking surface is slightly thicker and performs much like cast iron, but at half the weight. Aus-Ion™ Smooth Skillets will also season to a non-stick surface like cast iron, and come lightly pre-seasoned to begin the process. Long, wide and concave-shaped handles have a cut-out web design to slow heat transfer so they stay cool in normal stove-top use, and large diameter pans feature a front side helper handle. All pieces are stove-top (including induction), oven, broiler, grill and campfire safe. Choose between two 2-piece sets. All Aus-Ion™ pieces are made in Australia and include the SolidTeknics Multi-Generational Warranty. Buy them once and use them forever.

Features of the SolidTeknics Aus-Ion™ Smooth Skillet Set include:
  • Seamless one-piece skillets made from Australian iron sheet (low carbon steel)
  • Similar to french carbon steel, but designed to cook better and last longer
  • Incredibly well-crafted by a patented manufacturing process
  • Half the weight of cast iron, with similar performance
  • Exceptional for searing, frying and most other cooking methods
  • Ergonomic, wide, concave handle with vents to reduce heat transfer for maximum comfort
  • No rivets or coatings for long lasting durability
  • Lightly pre-seasoned with non-GMO rice bran oil to begin seasoning process
  • Safe for use on all rangetop heat sources with no heat limits
  • Great for outdoor campfire cooking and BBQs
  • Sustainable pan will become a beloved heirloom piece
  • Multi-century warranty for materials and manufacturing defects
  • Two sets to choose from
  • Made in Australia

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