Half Moon Bay Bee Sting Quasi-Thai Siracha Chili Sauce

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Bee Sting Quasi-Thai Síracha Chili Sauce from Half Moon Bay Trading Company is just like Sriracha...but better! This great-on-anything sauce is made from red habaneros with garlic and honey for a medium-level heat that's slightly sweet. It's Half-Moon Bay's take on the very popular sauce made in California. But Bee Sting ?Quasi-Thai? SíRacha Chili Sauce is gluten-free and made without GMOs, artificial colors or flavors. Excellent with curries, rice dishes, pad Thai, chicken, shrimp & chops... stir-fry, veggies & tofu. Excellent in grilling marinades & glazes, and as a splashing & dipping sauce. Anywhere you want a bit of Asian-style excitement. 10 oz. bottle.

Spice: 1/4
Sweet: 1/4
Heat: 2/4

Features of Half Moon Bay Bee Sting Quasi-Thai Siracha Chili Sauce include:
  • 10 oz. bottle
  • Made from red habanero chilis, garlic and honey
  • Medium hot and slightly sweet
  • Versatile Asian-style flavor enhancer for anything
  • No GMOs
  • Gluten-free
  • No Artifical Colors or Flavors
  • Imported from Costa Rica

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