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Better on Toast

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Better on Toast is an easy-to-use and surprisingly versatile resource for satisfying and delicious last-minute lunches, delectable party bites and healthy midnight snacks! 6 chapters cover bread basics, spread and toasting methods before continuing to all the amazing toppers. Selections include Smoked Trout & Grapefruit Toast, Edamame Basil Toast, Chickpeas and Chorizo Toast, Rosemary Caper Tuna Salad Toast, Grilled Radicchio and Apple Buttermilk Toast, Carrot Butter and Halloumi Toast, Maple Pear Bread Pudding, and so much more! Full color photos fill the pages and bring recipes, techniques and ingredients to life, while Donenfeld's easy instructions provide the perfect voice for beginners. Better on Toast: Happiness on a Slice of Bread--70 Irresistible Recipes By Jill Donenfeld. Published by William Morrow Cookbooks. Hardcover. 208 Pages.