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Bluapple One-Year Refill Kit

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The Bluapple One-Year Refill Kit contains 8 ethylene-absorbing packets. That's enough to keep two Bluapple Produce Extenders active and effective for over a full year! Simply take what you need from the resealable, air-tight bag. Properly sealed, the un-used packets inside will remain potent indefinitely.

Features of the Bluapple One-Year Refill Kit include:
  • 8 Bluapple packet refills
  • Extends the life of fresh produce by up to 3X
  • Simply pop open your Bluapple, dispose of the old packet and pop in the new
  • Ethylene-absorbing packets prevent over-ripening for up to 3 months
  • Resealable, airtight bags preserves un-used packets indefinitely