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Bluapple Full Year Combo Pack

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The Bluapple Full Year Combo Pack is the best and most cost-effective way to get over a year's worth of ethylene-absorbing protection for your fresh fruits and vegetables! The kit includes 2 Bluapple produce extenders, a total of 8 absorption packets and a full instructional guide for getting the longest life and best nutrients from your fresh produce. Each Bluapple can make make the produce in your crisper last up to 3X longer, by absorbing the ethylene gasses that cause over-ripening. And each packet lasts 3 months or more between refills. If you want the freshest produce possible, with little or no waste, the Bluapple Full Year Combo Pack is for you!

Features of the Bluapple Full Year Combo Pack include:
  • Two Bluapple Produce Extenders
  • Total of 8 ethylene-absorbing packets and resealable foil bag
  • Handy instructional for getting the most out of your fresh produce
  • Over a year's worth of packets for 2 Bluapples
  • A great gift for anyone who loves fresh fruits and vegetables

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