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Bluapple Produce Extender 2 Pack

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The Bluapple Produce Extender 2 Pack is a smart and simple-to-use product that will likely pay for itself in just a few months! Each Bluapple is filled with a special packet that absorbs ethylene, the gas naturally emitted by produce that causes it to over-ripen. Just place them in your refrigerator's crisper, or wherever you keep fruits and vegetables to help fresh produce last up to 3X longer! The Bluapple Produce Extender 2 Pack also comes with a detailed instruction sheet that will show you how to get the longest life out of your fruits and veggies. Get one in time for farm-market season and enjoy fresher produce with less waste!

Features of the Bluapple Produce Extender 2 Pack include:
  • Extends the life of fresh produce by up to 3X
  • Simple to use- just place them near produce
  • Ethylene-absorbing packets prevent over-ripening for up to 3 months
  • Refillable and 100% food-safe
  • Includes 2 Bluapples to be used together, or separately

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