Bodum Shiny Pebo Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker

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Incredible manual method flavor that you can take with you, even if you're only going to the patio for a morning cup. Bodum's Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker with Burner and Accessories comes complete with an adjustable gas burner, a "globe" stand, carafe lid and coffee scoop. Simply fill the burner with lighter fluid and you are ready to go! This siphon-method brewer immerses and agitates coffee for a full extraction that captures natural oils. You get a wonderfully rich and flavorful cup, as well as a captivating view of the vacuum brewing process. The Bodum Pebo is made from highest quality borosilicate glass, durable and shiny chrome plated stainless steel and heat resistant hard nylon. Easy to use and perfect for enjoying "coffee and a show" table-side or outdoors. All brewing parts are dishwasher safe. Measures 8.25" l x 8.25" w x 15.25" h.

Features of the Bodum Shiny Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker with Burner and Accessories
  • Classic 34 oz. vacuum method brewer with gas burner
  • Portable- great for tableside, patio or outdoor use
  • Makes 4 to 8 Cups
  • Amazing siphon method is fun to watch
  • Captures all natural oils for rich, full-flavored coffee
  • Premium construction of borosilicate glass and chromed stainless steel
  • Easy to use, adjustable gas burner refills with lighter fluid fuel
  • Includes Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker, Stand and Gas Burner, "globe" resting stand, carafe stopper and scoop
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 8.25" l x 8.25" w x 15.25" h

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