Bourbon Barrel 12 oz Barrel Aged Coffee

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Freshly roasted Arabica beans become even bolder when aged in real oak Bourbon barrels! Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee has a round, complex flavor kissed with notes of premium bourbon for an all new and delicious coffee experience.

Bourbon Barrel Foods expertly roasts premium Arabica beans, and immediately seals them in oak that was used a single time for producing real Kentucky Bourbon. The resulting coffee is nuanced with notes of deep chocolate, caramel and bourbon. There is no alcohol content, but the rich, charred oak lends flavors of the South’s favorite dark spirit. The bag is packed with 12 oz. of medium-roast whole beans.

Features of the Bourbon Barrel 12 oz Barrel Aged Coffee include:

  • Premium Arabica beans aged in bourbon barrels
  • 12 oz package of whole bean coffee
  • Handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Fresh roasted beans pick up flavors of Bourbon, caramel and charred oak
  • Medium roast
  • Alcohol free

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