Camerrons Hot/Cold Gel Pack

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Whether you need extra "cold" for the cooler, or a spot of "hot" for your signature casserole, Camerons has you covered! The Camerons Hot/Cold Gel Pack can do both and is durably made and easily washable- so you can use it over and over. The tough, outer cover features heating and cooling instructions, while the high-teck thermal gel inside is designd to hot hot and cold temperatures for a long time. It's a great help for keeping hot dishes hot en route to the potluck, or keeping egg salad cool for the picnic. Also ideal as a hot or cold compress for sore muscles or injuries. Measures 8" x 11".

Features of Camerons Hot/Cold Gel Pack

  • Ideal for use in casserole totes and coolers to keep food warm or cold
  • Can also be used as a hot or cold compress for injuries or medicinal purposes
  • Heat with hot water in microwave following included instructions on cover
  • Place in freezer for use as ice pack
  • Reusable, convenient and effective
  • Clean with warm soapy water, rinse and air dry
  • 8" x 11"

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