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CDN Tea Timer

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The CDN Tea Timer features 4 steeping timers that are pre-programmed to perfectly steep the main tea varieties. It also includes an all-purpose programmable timer that counts up or down. Each of the 5 timing channels in this innovative and smart timer has its own unique alarm and can count separately or simultaneously in a range of up to 10 hours by hour, minute and second. The CDN Tea Timer has a clear digital display and its alarm is designed to sound loudly and long enough so that you won't have to worry about over steeping your tea. The timer can be mounted by the attached clip, magnet or stand or can be hung from the oven rack. Includes 1.5V AAA IEC LR03 Alkaline battery, stop and restart feature, on/off switch and temperature guide. Backed by a manufacturer's 5-year warranty.

Features of the CDN Tea Timer include:
  • Constructed of food safe ABS-plastic
  • Measurement Range: 10 hours by hr/min/sec
  • 4 pre-programmed steeping timers for green, white, black and herbal teas
  • 1 programmable up/down all-purpose timer
  • All 5 channels count separately or simultaneously
  • Large easy-to-read digital display
  • Alarm sounds loudly and for long intervals
  • Unique alarm sounds for each channel
  • Stop and restart feature
  • Last count recall in 4 channels
  • On/off switch
  • Temperature guide
  • 4-way mounting: clip/magnet/stand/hang
  • 1.5V AAA IEC LR03 Alkaline battery
  • Manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty