KnappMade Chain Mail Scrubber

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NEW! As chosen by YOU on our Be the Buyer Pinterest Board! The KnappMade Chain Mail Scrubber is designed to safely and easily clean your cast iron cookware, without removing the precious seasoning you've worked so hard to build up. To use the chain mail scrubber, simply run the pan under warm water and scrub. Fried on foods and charred bits release easily from the pan's surface without the use of detergents! Made of durable 18/20 stainless steel chain mail, this scrubber comes with a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. Measures 4" x 4".

Features of the KnappMade Chain Mail Scrubber include:
  • Durable 18/20 stainless steel chain mail scrubber
  • Safely and easily cleans cast iron cookware while preserving seasoning
  • Scrubs away fried and charred on food from pan surfaces
  • Requires no soaps or detergents, just warm water
  • Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee
  • Measures 4" x 4"

Check out the KnappMade Chain Mail Scrubber in action!

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