Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Brie Baker

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Waiting for the Chicken and ribs to finish? Add a wheel of brie to the Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Brie Baker, top with a bit of honey, herbs and nuts, place it on the grill and watch friends and family gather around! This cast iron specialty baker takes on an even, unrelenting heat that produces uniformly caramelized, perfectly gooey brie. Simply dig in with slices of baguette for a memorable appetizer, or enjoy with a friend and a glass of wine. The Cast Iron Brie Baker is forge seasoned to resist sticking and simplify cleaning, and perfect for use on the grill or in the oven. Dishwasher safe and measures 6.5" l x " w x " h.

Features of the Cast Iron Brie Baker include:
  • Specialty brie baker for the oven or barbecue grill
  • Pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron
  • Hold 1 wheel of brie and toppings
  • Sears cheese from all sides
  • Creates evenly caramelized exteriors with perfectly melted interior
  • Cleans easily
  • 6.5" l x " w x " h

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