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Charcoal Companion Porcelain Coated Salt Plate Holder

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The Porcelain Coated Salt Plate Holder from Charcoal Companion is perfect for anyone that has ever cooked on a salt plate or plans to cook on a salt plate. Salt plates should be heated slowly over 30-45 minutes until they reach 300-450 degrees. After that, they can be taken off of direct heat and set on a counter or other surface. The salt block will retain its heat for a very long time. This is when the Salt Plate Holder will be extremely useful for transporting your salt plate. The salt plate holder also reduces excess pressure to any one area, which reduces breakage and extends the life of your salt plate. As your salt plate wears down, the holder's frame can help to hold together the pieces of salt. Dimensions: 14-3/4" L x 8-1/3" W x 1-1/3" H. Dishwasher safe.