Charcoal Companion Safe Scrub Grill Brush

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Diamonds are a grill's best friend! Keeping a clean grill is essential to good, clean sears. Scrub crusty food remnents away with this durable, yet flexible plastic grill brush. Charcoal Companion's twisted Spiral-Wire design helps prevent bristles from breaking free and ending up on your food. A unique diamond-based coating provides excellent scrubbing power, without damaging surfaces. The long 10" handle keeps you at a safe distance from the hot grill. Safe for porcelain, stainless-steel or cast iron grill grates. Measures 21.25" l.

Features of the Charcoal Companion Spiral-Wire Safe-Scrub Grill Brush include:

  • Durable yet flexible plastic grill brush
  • Twisted design of brush head helps prevent bristle loss
  • Diamond-based coating provides lasting scrubbing power
  • Long 10" handle keeps hands away from hot grill
  • Safe for stainless-steel, porcelain, or cast iron grill grates.
  • Measures 21.25" l

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