Chicago Metallic Pie Drip Catcher

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Tired of scrubbing the bottom of your oven every time you bake your famous apple pie? The Chicago Metallic Pie Drip Catcher offers a clever new alternative to this tedious chore. This pie drip catcher offers a nonstick landing place for any unwanted overflow. Simply set your pie pan on top of the non-slip silicone ring, which is located in the center of the stainless steel pan. Any spillage from the pie lands directly on the smooth, nonsick surface. No more messy oven floors! Setting the pie on the raised silicone ring while baking also allows for better air circulation, naturally creating a better and more evenly baked crust. Additionally, the Chicago Metallic Pie Drip Catcher provides a slip free base allowing for safer transport. Now cleanup and baking can easy as pie!

Features of the Chicago Metallic Pie Drip Catcher include:
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Raised silicone center promotes superior airflow and shift free surface.
  • Silicone ring is heat resitant up to 500 &degF
  • Non stick surface for easy cleanup

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