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Inspired by the Food Network program Chopped and compiled by the Food Network Kitchen, The Chopped Cookbook focuses on using what foods and ingredients you have available in your kitchen to instantly prepare a delicious meal. This book is perfect for the majority of us who are tired at the end of the day and dread having to prepare a meal, as these recipes are quick and easy. Chapters include an Introduction, Chopped Pantry, Pasta Night, Chickens Gone Wild, Eggs After Breakfast, Flash in the Pan, and Completely Fun Ways to Cook Vegetables. Finally put all of that extra pasta that you have sitting in the cupboard to great use by preparing a savory Penne ala Mary or Spaghetti with Tomato Carbonara in just several, simple minutes. Singapore Chicken Fried Rice and Roasted Chicken Provencal are two other great choices amongst many, that are stress-free the next time you wish to entertain guests at your home. The Chopped Cookbook provides great descriptions of each recipe as well as tips on other important choices such as buying proper veggies, the best meats to incorporate into each meal, and how to ideally season your many foods. The Chopped Cookbook Published by Clarkson Potter Publishers. Hardcover. 240 pages. Color photos.

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