Chroma Whetstone 1000

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The Chroma Whetstone 1000 is a medium grit stone and is ideal for regular sharpening and maintenance of your Chroma cutlery. To use your Chroma Whetstone, soak the stone in water for 15 minutes prior to use. This initial soaking helps lubricate the stone for sharpening. Then, holding your knife at a 10-20° angle to the whetsone, draw the knife back and forth with light pressure. If you notice that the stone is drying out during sharpening, moisten it by sprinkling it with more water. Continue to draw the knife back and forth over the surface of the whetstone until you have restored the edge's sharpness. After sharpening, you should follow up with a finer grit stone to polish the knife and finish the edge. Stone measures 8.3" x 3" x 1".

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