Cider Made Simple

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Author, blogger, beer and cider guru Jeff Alworth explains everything you want to know about cider-based brews. Alworth traveled to France, England, Spain, Canada and throughout the US to compile a comprehensive, yet compact guide to the broad range of cider styles and how each is created. Cider sales are small compared to the massive craft brew market, but it has been growing on the back of the craft beer movement at a rate of doubling every three years. Low gluten, appealing flavors, complex chracteristics that rival wines and a range of styles make Cider an alluring option for many. Cider Made Simple is here to get you up to speed so you can taste and buy intelligently. Illustrations by Lydia Nichols provide interesting and informative visuals and Alworth's passion for cider is on display in this easy-reading book. A great choice for craft cider, spirits and beer fans! Cider Made Simple: All About Your New Favorite Drink By Jeff Alworth. Published by Chronicle Books. Hardcover. 176 Pages.

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