Cleansui Microfiltration Water Pitcher

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In Stock - Ships Same Day if you order by 2pm ET Monday - Friday
In Stock - Ships Same Day if you order by 2pm ET Monday - Friday
Your water is ready! Peace of mind comes with knowing that you and your family are drinking cleaner, safer and tastier water. The state of the art Cleansui Microfiltration Water Pitcher with advanced Cleansui filters can remove 99.99% of bacteria, while leaving healthy minerals for optimal health benefits. Easy to fill without removing the lid, water flows through the standard activated carbon filter, then through the innovative hollow fiber membrane which filters out fine, invisible particles as small as 0.2 micrometers that are present in your water. These particles include bacteria, algae, funghi, micro-organisms, parasites, cysts, rust and more. The pitcher has a comfort grip handle built in and is designed to fit on your refrigerator door. A monthly dial on the lid reminds you when to change the Cleansui Microfiltration Water Filter Cartridge. Made in Japan.

Features of the Cleansui Microfiltration Water Pitcher include:
  • Advanced 3 stage microfiltration system
  • Removes particles and micro-organisms as small as 0.2 micrometers wide
  • Average 3 month filter life
  • Resin construction
  • BPA free
  • Made in Japan

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