7 1/4" Coeur A La Creme Mold

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The 7.25" Coeur À La Crème Mold is for making the classic French sweetened fresh cheese dessert of the same name. This heart-shaped mold is made from pure white porcelain with the necessary perforated bottom and three small feet, which give the Coeur À La Crème a lift, so excess moisture can drain away. This is a simple and classic no-bake dessert that is typically served with fresh berries or other fruits, strawberry syrup and powdered sugar. The 7.25" Coeur A La Creme Mold prepares a sizeable dessert that serves about 6.

Features of the 7.25" Coeur À La Crème Mold include:
  • Made from pure white porcelain
  • Tiny holes at bottom and small feet allow moisture to drain
  • 7.25" size will serve 6
  • Dishwasher safe

Individual Coeur a la Creme Mold also available.

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